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Displays the changelog modal. This function does not fetch changelog data.


dtps.log should always be used instead of console.log. Used for debugging on without devtools.

  • msg
  • String: message to log


Displays the welcome to Project DTPS message in a native PowerSchool modal. Cannot be used after dtps.render has been called.

dtps.alert(text, sub)

Displays an alert message in a native PowerSchool modal. Cannot be used after dtps.render has been called.

  • text
    • String: alert title
  • sub
    • String: alert message / text

dtps.webReq(req, url, callback, q)

Used to fetch PowerSchool data using a web request

  • req
    • String: Type of PowerSchool request to be made. Supported values: psGET, assignGET, psPOST, letPOST
  • url
    • String: URL to make a web request with
  • callback(res, q)
    • Function: Callback to call after data has been fetched
      • res
        • String: Response from web request
      • q
        • Object: Same object as q sent when webReq was called
  • q
    • Object: Data about the request to be returned to the callback (mainly used for for loops)


Starts loading DTPS. The first function ran. Starts loading data and does basic checks before starting Power+


Used to check when the dashboard is done loading assignments. Called by each class after loading its stream.

  • num
    • Number: The class number that is done loading


Gets the list of pages in a class and displays the list in the sidebar.

  • num
    • Number: The class number to fetch pages for

dtps.getPage(loc, id)

Renders all of the blocks of a page into class content

  • loc
    • String: The location of the class (found at class.loc)
  • id
    • Number: The ID of the page to load (found from dtps.loadPages)

dtps.classStream(num, renderOv)

Fetches assignments from PowerSchool, loads them into a DTPS stream array, and calls dtps.renderStream to render them into the class content.

  • num
    • Number: The class number to load the assignment stream for
  • renderOv
    • Boolean: Setting to true prevents the stream from being rendered (i.e. preloading class stream array)

dtps.renderStream(stream, searchRes)

Renders a DTPS stream array into HTML used to be loaded into class content.

  • stream
    • Array: The DTPS stream array (array of assignments) to render
  • searchRes
    • Boolean: Setting to true tells dtps.renderStream that the stream being renderd is search results


Renders the dashboard

  • doneLoading
    • Boolean: Specifies if the dashboard is fully loaded for the loading indicator


Renders the grades tab for a class

  • num
    • Number: The class number to load

dtps.assignment(classNum, streamNum)

Fetches and displays the details for an assignment

  • classNum
    • The class number of the assignment
  • streamNum
    • The index / location of the assignment in the class's stream

dtps.myWork(loc, id)

Displays the work submitted for an assignment

  • loc
    • String: location of the class
  • id
    • Number: ID of the assignment


Loads announcements into the dashboard (should only be called by dtps.masterStream)


Loads the calendar into the dashboard (should only be called by dtps.masterStream)

  • doneLoading
    • Boolean: indicates if the masterStream is done loading. Since v1.4.0 replacing the masterStream with dashboard this doesn't do anything.


Loads classes from dtps.classes into the sidebar

  • override
    • Boolean: Setting to true forces a re-render even if the sidebar already has been loaded


Loads assignments from all classes with a linked google classroom into a DTPS stream array


Shows a Google login screen, fetches classes from Google, links with PowerSchool classes, then calls dtps.googleStream


Called by dtps.init when all checks have passed, erases all PowerSchool HTML & CSS and injects the DTPS UI. Also used to do other startup things like fetch scripts and changelog info.


Called when dtps.masterStream is done loading and grade trend is enabled. Fetches stored grade trend data, adds grades from the current day if not included already.